Who We Are


MS Stella Tan is a serial Entrepreneur with various business ventures before starting iFRSCPA.


As a small business owner, she is keenly aware of the challenges faced by many firms in the bookkeeping and accounting industry with ever growing manpower cost and lower revenue due to market competition.


Driven by the desire to serve fellow business owners, iFRSCPA was founded to support these firms so that they remain viable and profitable.

Our Firm



Growing a lasting working relationship with our clients is the keystone of our business.


While we work together with clients to develop a comprehensive platform in all aspect of their businesses, we also actively listen to gain a holistic understanding of their needs and budget.  


Our philosophy of 3S - Simplify, Standardise, Systemise, will look into each business process so as to develop a standard workflow that can then be automated for the economy of scale.


By deploying proven technologies, acquiring new business knowledge and methodologies; adapting it into the process we are then able to deliver any cost savings to our clients.



Our Team

Our young and vibrant team are professional financial experts and accountants from Asia familiar with all aspects of the financial regulations within the respective territory.


Call us to know more on how we can embark on this exciting journey together!

Contact Us


Tel: 65- 9650 9666 (Singapore)

      86 - 135 1085 6776 (China)
Email: stellatan@ifrscpa.com​
146 Robinson Road #08-01 Singapore 068909